EYFS Results


Assessment In The Early Years

In the Early Years, progress is assessed at regular intervals through the analysis of evidence that is collected from school and home-based around the knowledge teachers acquire through working with the children.

A child’s development in areas such as reading, writing and maths is assessed alongside their personal, social and emotional development, physical development and communication and language development. This contributes to understanding as to whether a child is developing in all areas for their age.

As a child reaches the final term in Reception class, the evidence is gathered and analysed to make a judgement as to whether a child has reached the expected level for their age.  If they have, then we say they have reached the Early Learning Goal and are working at the expected level.  If they have not, then they are considered to be emerging.  If they have moved past the expected level then they are considered to be exceeding the goal.

We expect that children will achieve a ‘good level of development’ when they complete their reception year.  This means that they have reached at least expected level in all areas of the Early Years curriculum apart from Understanding the World and Expressive arts and design.


Early Years Assessment Results

At Bramley Grange, we have a strong track record of ensuring our Reception children achieve a good level of Development:

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