Our expectations at all times are that adults and children will:

  • Be Respectful
  • Be Safe
  • Be Kind

Behaviour Policy

In the classroom therefore we expect children to:

  • Follow the school rules
  • Listen and follow instructions
  • Complete the agreed work responsibly and to the best of their ability in the agreed timescale
  • Work independently when asked
  • Work as a team when asked
  • Support each other in both learning and behaviour
  • Use good manners towards children and adults
  • Let others get on with their learning
  • Participate appropriately in whole class learning sessions
  • Walk around the classroom
  • Keep the classroom tidy
  • Sit on the chairs provided
  • Sit on the carpet when asked
  • Look after the equipment provided (pen, pencil, ruler, locker or specialist equipment given for specific activities
  • Share and use resources sensibly returning them to the correct place
  • Take on board advice given as a means of improving attitude and behaviour as well as their learning
  • Treat others as they wish to be treated themselves


Around school (for example in the hall, in the corridors, in the middle room) All staff are expected to take responsibility for behaviour around school:

  • Walk sensibly on the left at all times
  • Walk quietly
  • Hold the door open for adults, visitors and other children
  • Consider others who are still  working
  • Line up quietly in single file outside the classroom if there is still learning taking place inside
  • Talk to each other in a calm, friendly manner
  • Keep all areas tidy


In the playground we expect children will:

  • Be friendly and polite
  • Allow others to join in games/chats
  • Use appropriate language
  • Accept the decisions of the adults
  • Play sensibly
  • Apologise for hurting/upsetting others
  • Look after the equipment provided
  • Ask an adult on the playground before you come back into school
  • Collect an orange card to come into school for first aid or the toilet
  • Solve disagreements calmly and with the help of an adult if needed
  • Wear appropriate clothing for the weather conditions (i.e. a sunhat in hot weather, a coat in cold weather)
  • Walk immediately to their line when the bell goes
  • Stand in a straight quiet line and wait for the instruction of the teacher
  • Walk in single file to the classroom
  • Walk up the steps in single file on the left-hand side


In the hall at lunchtime we expect children will:

  • Take coats off and put in lockers before coming into lunch
  • Walk into the hall
  • Line up quietly in single file whilst queueing for lunch
  • Use good manners when being served lunch
  • Sit at the table to eat
  • Use a knife and fork to eat the main course
  • Use a spoon to eat puddings
  • Eat all their main course before asking for pudding
  • Clear away plates/bowls/knifes/forks when finished eating
  • Go straight out to play when they have finished eating


Rules and Expectations Procedure

The following process will be followed when children do not adhere to the rules and expectations set out:


Dojos & Cards

Criteria for immediate issue of red cards

  • Biting
  • Spitting
  • Lying
  • Swearing and or inappropriate language
  • Fighting – including play fighting
  • Kicking
  • Hitting
  • Punching
  • Pushing
  • Grabbing
  • Violence
  • Hurting others
  • Bullying including persistent name calling
  • Disrespect towards any adult working in school eg arguing, answering back, refusing to follow instructions, inappropriate facial expressions, inappropriate actions
  • Stealing
  • Deliberately damaging school or other personal property

Criteria for awarding a single dojo

  • Full marks in spelling/tables/grammar/big maths tests
  • Making progress in their learning
  • Resilience
  • Teamworking
  • Independence
  • Respect
  • Being kind
  • Being safe

Criteria for awarding two dojos

  • Acts of works beyond expectations

Please note: No more than two dojos can be awarded by an individual member of staff in a single transaction.

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