Whole School Routines- Non Negotiable


  • Clarity for all staff
  • Consistency for all children
  • Culture of high expectations
  • School rules into practice


  1. Morning/End of day Routine

Have high visibility, being warm, welcoming, nurturing

  • SLT at gate to welcome/say goodbye to children speak to parents. Visibility
  • EYFS through main door – half in half out welcoming/saying goodbye children. Teacher taking it in turns
  • KS1 – TM/AP through main door – half in half out welcoming children. Teacher taking it in turns
  • Y1 – LF through door teacher half in half out welcoming/saying goodbye children
  • KS2 – through fire doors teacher half in half out welcoming/saying goodbye
  • High visibility of all staff
  1. In from playground routine

Calm, prompt, organised start to learning

  • Line up on playground
  • Line up outside fire door
  • Teacher stands at fire door
  • Few in at a time coat off in locker equipment out straight equipment ready straight to seat
  • KS1 –TM/AP through main door as above
  • LF through class door
  • Walk in a straight line led by the teacher


  1. Classroom Organisation (Y1-Y6)

Maximising high quality listening, promoting independence, minimizing wasted learning time

  • All tables facing forwards gap in between each table to allow teacher movement
  • Small group table in a prominent position in class to pull misconception/teacher focus group
  • Drawers in drawer units – independence get out what you need for the lesson.
  • Books in baskets with monitors giving them out
  • Equipment belongs to individual children they take it to intervention etc……
  • No carpet sessions


  1. 100% Quality Listening

To stop the children at the start of a lesson, middle of a lesson, end of a lesson

  • Say firmly “Stop”- Raise your hand firmly
  • Say firmly signal with hands pushing down “ Resources down”
  • Say firmly signal with hands pointing to eyes “Eyes on me”

Wait for all children to do each phase and say ….thank you for stopping x thank you for putting down x thank you for listening x

  1. No shouting out

All children raising hands to speak at all times.

Reminder phrase – “put your hand up to speak”

  1. All children seated at all times (Y1-Y6)
  • Sitting correctly – Bottom Back Chair Tummy table
  • Phrase “If you need to leave your seat put your hand up”
  1. Toilet( Y1-Y6)
  • Hand up to go to toilet
  • Toilet at break and lunchtime
  • If need to go can, but not during the whole class teaching
  • EYFS – Ask to go to toilet. Keep a watchful eye on who goes and how long they are there
  1. Positive praise/Sanctions
  • Must all link to school rules
  • Awarding of dojo’s – Respectful, Safe Kind only
  • Warnings and cards linked to not being Respectful, safe, kind
  • Explain why…… dojo you were respectful because…etc……red card because you did x you weren’t being respectful…..
  1. Playtime/Lunchtime
  • Zoned
  • One staff member in each zone with equipment.
  • Not supervision – teaching how to play, collaborate, be a team, be safe kind and respectful

Class Rota for Fixed Equipment– Monday class with best attendance from previous week. A supervised zone.

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