At Bramley Grange Primary, our vision is excellence for all, children are at the heart of the school, with everyone committed to ensuring children have an inspirational educational experience, achieving the best they possibly can. We do this through experiential learning experiences where the arts are promoted and where teachers model learning and promote independence.

The aims of our curriculum for all learners:

  • Foster a lifelong love of learning
  • Making learning meaningful, purposeful and relevant
  • Developing well rounded individuals who have a wide range of skills and knowledge to enable them to be successful in the ever developing world around them
  • Encouraging children to take risks and ask questions in order to know about the world around them
  • Enabling children to be ready for the next stage of their learning

We do this through:

  • Providing a broad and balanced curriculum where Science, History, Geography are key drivers with art, music and computing linked into learning. PE, PSHE, RE and French (KS2) are taught as stand- alone subjects. Reading, Writing and maths are also at the core of the curriculum and are linked into the themes
  • Using a two year cycle where as children progress through school they revisit themes at a deeper level
  • Blocks of work lasting for six weeks providing opportunities to revisit skills and deepen understanding
  • Beginning each block of work with a hook day to engage children with the theme
  • Skills and knowledge taught using the national curriculum and development matters in EYFS
  • Using History, Geography and science as the driver subjects to allow time to study these in depth.
  • Modelling and experiential learning using a range of resources

Building on what children already know throughout each theme/block

Cycle A – May 2021

Cycle B – June 2021

Early years

In the Early years, we focus on developing language skills and enabling children to grasp these well. Much of the research shows that when children have well developed language skills they go on to achieve well throughout their school life. Our early years curriculum is therefore based around nursery rhymes and traditional stories:

Nursery and Reception Curriculum Overview 2021-22

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