The Grange Trust has a vision of excellence for all, children are at the heart of the organisation with all those within it committed to ensuring every child has the best possible educational experiences and achieves the best they possibly can.

Excellence for all’ children are at the heart of the trust with those within it committed to ensuring that every child has an excellent educational experience and achieves the best they possibly can. The world has no limits children have many talents which need to be nurtured and celebrated in order to improve life chances, coupled with the opportunities to be the best they can be through academic and personal excellence.

To achieve an excellent educational experience we need to:

  • Have high expectations
  • Uphold high standards of academic performance
  • Sustain high standards of behaviour
  • Inspire all to be the best they can be
  • Teach dynamic, challenging lessons which create a buzz for learning and meet the needs of all learners
  • Ensure the learning environment promotes excellence whilst being nurturing, secure and welcoming
  • Celebrate achievements
  • Build strong partnerships with parents, governors and services to improve outcomes for our children and our families.

To achieve personal excellence we need to actively teach and promote:

The Grange Trust is a company limited by guarantee and is also (under the terms of the Academies Act 2010) an ‘exempt charity’, i.e., it has charitable status but is exempt from registering with the Charity Commission due to it being accountable to the Department for Education (DfE). 

​Effective governance is key to our success. Transparent, empowered, assured governance is a strategic objective, in keeping with the Trust’s values and is hard-wired into our constitution and in our ways of working.

All Academy trusts have two layers of governance – Members and Trustees.


Members are the custodians of the governance of the trust. But although they constitute the top governance tier, they have limited powers and a largely hidden role in terms of the running of the trust. The first members will be the signatories to the Memorandum of Association when the trust was set up and selected by the governing body which agreed the trust’s first articles of association. These articles will include how members are recruited and replaced. Members do not technically have a term of office. 

Board of Directors/Trustees  

Trustees are Directors of the company and Trustees of the charity. They are legally responsible for the Trust and are accountable to the Secretary of State for the effectiveness of their Academy.

They are responsible for the three core strategic governance functions: 

  • ensuring the Trust’s clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction 
  • holding the Trust’s leadership to account and 
  • overseeing the Trust’s financial performance. 

As the strategic leaders of the academy trust, our trustees ensure they are connected with, and engage with, the communities and stakeholders our school serves.

Our trustees ensure they uphold the 7 principles of public life, integrity, openness, selflessness, objectivity, accountability, honesty and leadership, and strive to ensure the trust and school is well managed in the best interests of the pupils.

Board Committee: Finance, Audit and Risk. Chair: Stephanie Macwilliam.

The Chair of the Trust is Anne Wing contactable via the school office: 01709 543664 or e-mail Mark for the attention of the Chair of the Grange Trust.

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